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I'm Dave Aston

I've spent my whole working life in sound. It has led me in various directions; mixing live for acts like U2, through music recording with Paul McCartney, to outside broadcasts and post production for TV and film.

Sound design and mixing in post production has been my passion for the last 25 years as I find it an ideal outlet for my creativity. I have been privileged to have the trust of producers and directors to interpret their brief for their dramas and films, often without supervision. I am comfortable both with self management or working in a team.

All this experience - I'm sure some of that would be useful to you, so go on, contact me!
01756 797100
Dave Aston offers a film/tv drama service that is second to none. Just based on experience and credits they've been there and done it.  -  Peter M Kershaw – Producer and Director of 20 Ways

I trade as

The Digital Audio Co

I've been trading as The Digital Audio Co for over 30 years. However, if you've arrived at this web site you probably don't know that. Before you follow the links below to the business page you might want to look at my IMDb entry, or download my CV.

Picture of RTS awards in Leeds.


Graphic of laurel leaves in gold for Winner.
Graphic of laurel leaves in gold for Nominations.
Picture of Hapi Audio Interface.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

  • "Wicked job Dave, I have loaded in and sounds great."
    Tom Newman - Editor for: We Go In At Dawn
    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston
  • "The Fat Cats Master sounds amazing, brilliant job as always."
    George Stackhouse - Rawkus Redz
    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston
  • "We have amazing news from Hollywood! “I wish I went to Ecuador” won Best International Animated Film at the prestigious Hollywood International Family Film Festival this weekend! Congratulations!!!"
    David Bunting - Producer - I Wish I Went To Ecuador
    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston
  • "By the way, the CD sounds absolutely awesome and the cover print has turned out beautifully accurate! Cheers"
    Phil Allen - The Idle Hands
    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston
  • "It's wonderful. You've done the most amazing job."
    Denise Silvey - Producer of Jack and the Beanstalk Online Panto
    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston
  • "Thanks so much Dave… as always, your work transforms the song! Much appreciated."
    Andy Silver - Founder and Director – Pop UK
    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston
Picture of DDA mixing console.

History of Using RX Software

I first used software to repair audio in the 1980’s with a Fairlight CMI. It had a light pen that was used to draw on a crt green screen. One of my later AudioFiles (by AMS) had Cedar denoise and declick modules and I kept the machine for those tools long after I had moved to PC based software for editing. In 2014 I found myself mixing a live album for a band called Magna Carta. In the 1970’s they had recorded a live album in the Albert hall, along with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Johnny Dankworth. ( for reviews.) It had sat on the record company shelf and never been released for a number of technical reasons. I managed to fix most things with judicious editing, but something had been unplugged during a guitar solo, for which there was nothing to edit in. Apart from the click across all tracks of the tape, the sound also reverberated round the Albert Hall. Being reluctant to leave the track off the album, I investigated the infant RX from iZotope. A bit of patience and the track was as if there had never been a problem. I was sold, and I've always kept up with the growing arsenal of repair tools in RX.
As a sound engineer it is obligatory to be interested in railways and particularly steam engines. My son and I take this to another level and volunteer on heritage railways. At the time we were volunteering on the Talyllyn Railway and I had recorded all the locomotive whistles with a view to making them available as phone ring tones. I wasn't able to do the recording at the engine sheds with the locos stationary. (Who buys a house next to a railway yard that's been there since 1865 and then complains about the noise?) Consequently they were recorded with the loco running full speed. I had tried editing and eq, but been disappointed so the recordings had been filed away. One day, I decided to get them out and see what I could do with RX. I was amazed. Even though the noise of the engine was such that the crew have to shout, RX completely removed it and left only the whistle. By reversing the process I could completely remove the whistle. By this time I had moved on to the Ffestiniog Railway where you can see me in action getting on the tunnel works train and I'm on top of the loco at the start of this about Merddin Emrys. I fully intend to get a full compliment of loco whistles for this line as well. As you've got this far you deserve a free gift. Click on the whistle below for a file to download. Unzip it and you can hear a few of the original recordings and the extracted whistles. Please feel free to use them royalty free.

Two whistles on Manning Wardle loco Lyd
Picture of rear of control room at The Digital Audio Co

You Can Trust Us

I am a partner in The Digital Audio Co with my wife Sharon Aston. Although the company is run on Christian principles, we are happy to work with all faiths and none. We are often the last creative process in the chain, and understand the responsibility and trust that clients place in us.

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